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r e a c h

What are some simple everyday activities we perform that can instantly become unsettling from another point of view? 

Feeling discomfort can be associated with the unexpected, a difference in atmosphere and assigning what we see and dread to our own self. 


Reach is a multi-screen room that involves a series of visual scenarios revealing a population mid-stretch, in particular, bending, grasping and leaning. Emitting from the moving images are audio environments involving bone cracks and everyday murmurs; catalysing an experience of the ache of being stuck in an unnatural body form that takes over from day to night. 

As we contemplate this sudden hit of strangeness and distortion, the project asks us to think about the daily unforeseen anatomy manipulations we create based on the interactions we have with our surroundings. We are pushed to be apprehensive of the unfamiliar formations of our limbs, and the sounds produced from our movements.

Below are the short moving images-they are intended to be viewed as seperate films rather as a whole piece. 

To view, please hover over the image, or click to view in full screen. 

(the site may also take some time to load, thank you! : )

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